2008-2009 Mission Trip Orphanage in Siguatepeque

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Siguatepeque, Honduras Recap

In December of 2007, Pastor Merlo and Doug Overstreet took a trip to Honduras. Together, their goal was to find new mission work for the years ahead. December welcomed several new ideas including some expansion work to an orphanage in Siguatepeque as well as services to a village two hours up in the mountains.

Orphanage Expansion

Nando, one of the head coordinators from Honduras, has been involved with missions by coordinating the host families for the Americans. His home was directly behind an orphanage that our group had visited on several occasions. The orphanage was full, and the home had very little space. Three rooms held over 30 beds. There was a small kitchen, living room and family room.

An eight acre property was purchased in 2008 for the children before Hearts for Honduras planned to return. The home is located about 5 miles from Siguatepeque, Honduras – about two hours from San Pedro Sula. The new home originally consisted of four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a family room with a fireplace, a kitchen, dining area, an enclosed patio, and a garage area. There was also some storage and a small gathering room upstairs.

Unfinished Construction in Orphanage Santidad

Unfinished Construction in Orphanage in Siguatepeque


The Goal
The conditions of this new home were much better than the last, but the home still needed more space. The goal was to add four dormitories/bedrooms and add two bathrooms so that each bedroom had a bathroom.

Along with building for the children, we planned to open a temporary clinic in the small town of Valle De Otoro and offer medical services while we were there.

Unfinished Construction Oprhanage Santidad in Siguatepeque

Unfinished Construction Oprhanage in Siguatepeque