About Us

About Us


What is Heart for Honduras?

Heart for Honduras was born from the need to help the poor rebuild after the devastating storm of Hurricane Mitch in 1998. Each year since its first trip in 1999, Heart for Honduras has sought to improve the lives of the vulnerable by providing homes as well as medical and dental care, supporting orphanages and, more recently, building schools in remote areas. In the beginning a villager once said, “You have done more than provide a home, you have lifted our self-esteem as we no longer sleep on cardboard, with a home we can be someone.”


How much damage was caused by Hurricane Mitch?

Hurricane Mitch was one of the most powerful tropical storms ever recorded. The almost three week storm began near Africa on October 22, 1998 and finally dissolved on November 9th near Great Britain. The storm devastated many villages and towns of Honduras, Nicaragua, Latin and Central America and even caused damage in Florida. Of the countries involved, Honduras lost the most lives to this terrible storm – about 7,000. Thousands of homes were also taken.



Why is this organization unique?

Heart for Honduras is Christian-based and is totally volunteer. All donations go to the mission projects.


Why should I donate?

Today 100% of the donations support directly self-sustaining projects providing education and healthcare to people that otherwise have no means. The communities participate in the building and provide funds for teachers. Participants of the mission cover their own expenses. All of this is done in the spirit of following Jesus and his commands that we love another and take care of the poor.


What difference does this make?

On a recent trip, one small boy was asked about his dreams. “I want to be a mechanic,” he said. “But not just any mechanic; I want to be the best mechanic in all of Honduras. With this school, I know that this is possible.” With your support you can help those kind of dreams come true.


Join us serving God on this year’s Mission Trip!

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