Mission Accomplished Montañuela 2007

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Mission accomplished in Montañuela!

The missions have taken trips to Montanuela over the last several years. It was decided that as a mission, we will not return to Montañuela for additional building. The city seems to be back on its feet and thriving.


Read a caption from Doug Overstreet about the most recent visit:

Pastor Merlo and I took a tour of Montanuela by car. We saw several of the people and children in the community. As we drove through the street, we noticed many cars in driveways. We also saw many homes that were built by missions being added on to. We saw a member of the church working on the church driveway. Men were working in the tilapia ponds. Driving through the town, we saw it as a thriving and normal town in Honduras. Thanks to the Missionaries and the blessings that God has sent to Montanuela, the community is one of the wealthier communities in the area. Pastor Romero, Pastor Merlo and I think that the time has come to let Montanuela stand on its own. I know that it will be hard to leave Montanuela. We have a group of people we have grown to love and have enjoyed working with them and building relationships. We think Montanuela has the ability to grow and prosper on its own. We should look at this as a blessing. We have taken a town that faced a hurricane disaster and gotten it back on its feet. Today they are running. Praise God for the energy and the work; we have finished the mission.

-Doug Overstreet