Colleen McCormick Testimonial

My experience with Hearts for Honduras was so memorable and rewarding! I had the opportunity to connect with and get to know many of the people, and they truly touched my life. One of the most astonishing moments was when three little children, siblings aged 10, 8 and 4, walked into the medical clinic without any adults. The two older children were so mature and courageous- they had come to town, an hour down the mountain, with their sick little sister. Their mother had passed away and their father worked non-stop- he was not around to care for the children- so the older children were the caregivers to the younger. The 4-year-old had an ear infection, so we prepared medicine and gave it to the older siblings with directions on how to use it. It was incredible to see how responsible these children were, and how much they all cared for one another. It really made me appreciate the loyalty and love within a family. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to serve with Hearts for Honduras, and I cannot wait to take part in future medical missions!
 – Colleen McCormick