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2010-2012 Mission Trip San José de la Sierra

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San Jose de la Sierra, Honduras

Fifteen years ago farmers began moving from the mountains to a colony called San Jose de la Sierra. They sold their farmland and moved closer to San Pedro Sula seeking jobs in factories. The huge infiltration of people resulted in overcrowding and ultimately poverty. Many of the families living there today do not even have a home and live in very poor conditions.

A new start…

Hearts for Honduras teamed up with PIER in 2010 to work in this area. Part of the team worked on a home for a local pastor. All donations were distributed to families in need. As always, a medical clinic was set up to care for the villagers—many of whom had never seen a doctor. A huge focus was on the many, many children who populate this colony and the team was able to set up Vacation Bible School to help spread the Word!


Hearts for Honduras plans to send two teams this year—the Illinois team and a “new” team from Oklahoma! The two groups plan to start construction on a school, continue to provide medical services, hand out donations from the States and continue the VBS that was started last year.

We look forward to the rewarding opportunity to serve God. We will face the challenges with Him by our side. Thank you for your support and prayers!