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Joe Ficken Testimonial

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My first trip to Honduras was life changing in several ways. Here’s one! I’ve always believed and understood that God loves the whole world and is present everywhere…but… I think I probably thought that God was basically headquartered wherever I was! (that probably meant he wore a Nebraska sweatshirt; had a rural background and wondered about everyone else. I was in worship on Sunday morning in San Pedro sitting with passionately, enthusiastic Hondurans. I had an English translation feeding into my ear. Alex Merlo was relating a news story he watched of two Mexicans drowning in a river while an Anglo smiled and let them drown. In any other context I probably would not have comprehended. There, at that moment I realized that God was present here too! Jesus was here! He loved my Honduran friends like he loved me. Not me first…them second. But loves us all “first” … no headquarters where I was at.  -Joe...

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